May/June 1996

  • Cover Story. Catch As Catch Can. Wade Middleton comments how fishing and boating presure hampers bass fishing.
  • Skinny Bsss? How to fix a skinny bass problem.
  • WEED PATROL. Early Weed Growth Baffles Fisheries Pros. Some pondweeds can get a head start in spring and how to combat them.
  • Bigger Stocker Fingerlings Are Better. Edwards & Jones (NC) list the benefits of stocking larger fingerlings.
  • Threadfin, Tilapia Give Spring Boost. These fish can suppliment bluegill as forage.
  • FIELD NOTES. A. Private pond managers growing in numbers. B. Bluegill alert. C. Hedlund back after surgery. D. Mercury update. E. Fishery improves in Everglades.
  • POND TO PLATE. Caveman B-B-Q Catfish.
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May/June 1996