July/August 1996

  • Cover Story. Dig It Baby. Adding depth to shoreline controls weeds. M.Otto's hints & how to's for deepening shoreline areas.
  • Feds Relax On Cormorant Permits. Laws allow removal of cormorants.
  • ASK PBOSS. Tilapia pros and cons.
  • FIELD NOTES. A. Fast bass growth possible. B. Scotts fertilizing pamphlet available. C. FL fisheries declining. D. A 3 & 4 lb crappie for VA pond. E. Bottom muck harbors anaerobic bacterium. F. Catch & release not always best.
  • POND TO PLATE. Hints for best way to freeze fish.
  • WEED PATROL. Mechanical methods get tough on weeds. Devices described.
  • KNOW POND LIFE. Bullhead catfish. distribution, feeding habits, life history. pond role, field tip.
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July/August 1996