November/December 1996

  • Cover Story. Tall Tails. Cattails Pose a Potential Threat. All about cattails and how to manage them.
  • Suprise Fish. Rio Grande perch described.
  • FIELD NOTES. A. S.Jones Louisburg NC decides fish eating birds not a major threat. B. VA study finds catfish grow faster in small ponds than in big waters. C. NC pondowner grows trout in cages.
  • Duckweed Dilema Discouraging. Advice for duckweed problem.
  • Grass Carp Puzzles Experts. TX research results with grass carp highlighted and McCune's advice.
  • "Perfect" Crappie? Crappie World magazine talks about triploid-hybrid crappie.
  • POND TO PLATE. Dry mix (Bisquick-corn meal based) coating for fish fillets.
  • KNOW POND LIKE. Redear Sunfish. distribution, feeding habits, life history, pond role, field tip.
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November/December 1996