May/June 1997

  • Cover Story. Good To Grow. Bluegill feeding study ends with a twist. Purina Mills tested feeding pellets and fertilizing; separately and in combination; results discussed.
  • WELL-MANAGED POND. Sonar is efffective on control of Duckweed.
  • Bill & Claire Jordan developed a fishing Bed-and-Breakfast(Longhorn House) 1 hr north of Houston.
  • ASK POND BOSS. A. Liming barge needed in GA. B. Purina dealer near SanAntonio. C. Blue catfish became a 4', 40 lb predatory problem in Tyler TX pond.
  • FISHING TACTICS. Light touch pays heavy dividends.
  • KNOW POND LIFE. Gizzard Shad. Distribution, feeding habits, life history, pond role, field tip.
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May/June 1997