July/August 1997

  • Cover Story. Murky Waters. Clear plan yields healthy fishery. Advice on clearing turbid water by several experts.
  • WELL-MANAGED POND. Love To Hate Them. Elmer Hedlund discusses the value of mosqitoes and midges to the fish food chain.
  • FIELD NOTES. A. When is a lake or pond semi-private? B. Sifting fish food to eliminate clumps & passage thru feeder. C. Price check of fingerlings.
  • ASK POND BOSS. A. MI pond owner needs to control algae. B. Cattail control. C. Cormorants and when to harvest fish.
  • EDITORS CHOICE. Hobie's Float Cat one man kick-boat.
  • KNOW POND LIFE. Blue Catfish. Distribution, feeding habits, life history, pond role, field tip.
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July/August 1997