September/October 1997
  • Cover Story. Choose Between Bluegill or Hybrid Sunfish. The Right Tool. Pro's and con's of both.
  • Stocking Forage An Easy Task. B.Lusk discusses stocking bgill & hy bgill.
  • WELL-MANAGED POND. Lake Plan Starts On The Bottom by S.Baker. Seven acre AK pond drained and reworked.
  • EDITORS CHOICE. Kodak's new waterproof camera.
  • KNOW POND LIFE. American Lotus. Description, distribution, life history, pond role. field tip.
  • News Note: Asian Rice eel ruined GA pond.
  • CUSTOMERS WRITE. Dr. A.R.Sheppard Carrollton AL claims to have a new strain of bgill with red on back and belly. Molecular genetics tested. He's growing them commercially
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September/October 1997