March/April 1998

  • Cover Story. From the Bottom Up. Fertilizing is the best way to stimulate the food chain. Best ways to do it. Good fact filled article. PBoss offers a Convenient Fertilizer.
  • Well Managed Pond. Part I.Feeding Answers Many Questions. Why and How To's.
  • Part II. Selective harvest helps raise big bass.
  • Field Notes. A. Aquatic weeds get running start. B. Retail for 10"-12" LMB $9-$10 ea. C. J.Chappell use lime to improve fish growth in NC,SC,TN,GA. D. Russian predator fish the rotan.
  • Problem Solver. Betonite Plugs Leaks, Naturally. and Betonite In Action.
  • Ask PBoss. 3 Fee fishing vacation Spots.
  • Recipe: No-Brainer Fish Sauce. a white sauce with sour cream, mayo, parm.cheese, onion flakes.
  • Customers Write. fish structures, keeping 12" bass to a minimum.
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March/April 1998