May/June 1998

  • Cover Story. The Dirty (half-) Dozen. Identifying and controlling the worst aquatic weeds.
  • Part II. Weed Problems Where to Turn for Help.
  • Well Managed Pond. Fertilizer Keeps Weeds in Check. E.Hedlund discusses how fertilizing helped control rooted plants in his 30 ac WI lake.
  • Know Pond Life. Smallmouth Plays Tiny Role. SMB description, life history, distribution, pond role, Mgmt tip.
  • Field Notes. Feeding Pellets Offer Hidden Benefits. 2. Scotts time release fertilizer. 3. 60% of TX fish kills due to low dissolved oxygen. Market update on price of live adult fish.
  • Eye Opener Carp Recipe. Peppery cornmeal coating for fried fish.
  • Ask PBoss. 1. Graph used to monitor bass. 2. Fish tagging. 3. Too many fish in a small pond.
  • Grass Carp A Control Option. Survey highlights and info.
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May/June 1998