July/August 1998

  • Cover Story. Spend Less Get More. 5 Simple money Saving Tips. Weed control shade cloth, L-shaped swing-out fish feeder boom, apply fertilizer, transport fingerlings, hay clears muddy water.
  • Know Pond Life. Carp Overrated AS A Villain. Description, life history, distribution, pond role, mgmt tip.
  • RECIPE: No-Sweat Summer Fish. Grilling fillets seasoned w/ salt. garlic pepper & parsley
  • Customers Write. E.Hedlunds description of food conversion efficiency of fish.
  • Ask PBoss. 1. Hybrid Stripers Find A Niche. How good are they in ponds? 2. increasing fathead spawning. 3. Reasons for undersized bass. 4. Muddy water affects fish.
  • Short Article. Sticks and Stones. Structures for improving stream productivity.
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July/August 1998