November/December 1998

  • Cover Story. Three For The Show. 3 Tips to protect & beautify your lake.
  • Make Your Own Spawning Bed. fishing club in NE TX improves spawning sites.
  • Hay Bales help reduce soil erosion into pond.
  • Well Managed Pond. TX fish kill catch & release research.
  • Field Notes. Purdue PhD defends new generation herbicides.
  • RECIPE. Mustard Salmon. lemon/lime, mustard & dill seasons grilled salmon.
  • Customers Write. Women also like PBoss. Requests for small pond articles.
  • Ask PBoss. 1. Looking for desirable pond plants. 2. About koi & white catfish in ponds. 3. pure FL bass in TX? 4. Mature trees on a dam a concern?
  • Editors Choice. Portable battery two Way radio examined.
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November/December 1998