March/April 1999

  • Cover Story. Win The War On Weeds. Pros point out the best methods for weed control. Insert- Hydrilla & weed chopper boat described.
  • Well-Managed Pond. Walleyes Too Costly To Culture. Elmer Hedlund describes walleye and yellow perch food conversion rates. Plus: E. Hedlund obituary.
  • Mini-Pond. KS Pond Overloaded With Fish. Recommendations for One ac pond w/ slow growing bass and a pond that is out of balance.
  • Ask The P.Boss. Hints for sealing a leaky pond and catfish cannot help seal it.
  • Customers Always Write. A. Help requested for KY quarry ponds. B. Hints for getting rid of beavers and muskrats. C. Request for more pics.
  • White Crappie A Mixed Blessing. Description, life history, pond tips.
  • Field Notes. Feeder Unit Gets Upgrades. Sweeney fish feeder AF1100 improved.
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March/April 1999