July/August 1999

  • Cover Story. Testing The Waters. Tips from pros on pH, alkalinity, & other mysteries. INSERT BRIEF Aeration Benefits not easy to see.
  • Castor named office manager.
  • Know Pond Life. Water milfoil Spreading To New Waters. Description, pond role, control tips.
  • Ask The P.Boss. A. 3-4ac IL lake has carp and needs improved panfish. B. Advice to control overpopulated bass. C. Advantages of drawdown. D. How to build a boathouse, reestablish catfish and eliminating bullheads. E. Exploring why catfish don't bite. F.Better habitat for smallmouth explored.
  • Mini-Pond. Forage & Competition Key To Bass Growth.
  • Customers Write. A. Advice for improving fathead spawning. B. Request for for info on bgill & shellcrackers. D. Request for sources for redears. E. Request for articles from NW USA. F. Request for more ads on lks for lease.
  • Well-Managed Pond. Caution Flags Up on Fish Kills. Excerpt from MS "Farm ponds and Small Lks" info about summer fish kills.
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July/August 1999