September/October 1999

  • Cover Story. Going In The Tank. Hints for building you own lakeside low cost fertilizer dispenser.
  • Cover Story Pt II. Income From Fish. Making your pond make money. Crash course on 'fishing club mgmt 101'.
  • The Living Windbreak. Shoreline plantings of bald cypress around pond.
  • Ask The PBoss. A. How to stock a new 1 ac pond. B. Two questions on how to fix leaky ponds. C. Advice for a drainage/skimmer. D. Location for buying fish tags.
  • Customers Always Write. A. Consultant provides insight on oxygen-CO2 cycle. B. J.Tanner GA consultant visited. C. Praise for small pond articles & PB mag. D. Plea for reader input.
  • Field Notes. Hedlund Still Offers Parts. OK & TX state reps look at cormorant problem.
  • Managing MiniPond. Pondowners uses copper sulfate to treat algae in 1 ac pond.
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September/October 1999