November/December 1999

  • Cover Story. Ponder Your Pond. Winter mgmt. hints from the pros.
  • Noxious Plant Invades South. Giant salvinia aggressive floating aquatic weed described.
  • Field Notes. A. Fishing tournament for piranha. B. Sonar treatment controls milfoil in NY reservoir.
  • Ask The PBoss. A. Reasons for using fatheads only in new ponds. B. OH county soil & water defined: pool, pond & lake. C. Advice to control duckweed. D. How early in spring can one feed pellets to fish?. E. Ice thickness safety. F. Muskrat advice for MI & IL. G. Assessing drain pipe and impact of cedar trees, few dock construction notes.
  • Customers Write. Praise from readers in OH, IL, WA, TX, MI, AR, GA.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. KY owner describes pond. B. M.McCune discusses Aquashade. C. Floridian gets advice to clear pond. D. PA owner gets advice abt best aquatic plants to plant.
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November/December 1999