January/February 2000

  • Cover Story. Feds Probe Cormorants.
  • Cormorant, Q&A.
  • Take The Work Out Of Fertilizing. Clever method of distributing fertilizer.
  • Ask The P.Boss. A. Reader doesn't see fry from bgill beds. B. Request for pond specialist in upper SC. C. Query about shiners & crayfish to diversify forage. D. How well will a GA pond w/ 90% red clay hold water?
  • Pond Check Kit for 6 water tests described from Professional Lk Mgmt, MI.
  • Customers Write. A. Pond Club in IL praises Aquatic Biologists, WI. B. Praise from Blanco TX. C. Praise for B.Lusk & M. McDonald.
  • Man With A Plan. Pondmeister Profile of pond near Cincinnati,OH and his mgmt methods.
  • At Last! Control for Algae. Author from Canada describes natural control methods of algae thru nutrient control.
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January/February 2000