March/April 2000

  • Cover Story. Algae Alert. Pros offer tips for the control of algae.
  • Copper Compounds and Algae--The Flip Side. Natural control reviewed & disadvantages of coppersulfate and alternative use chelated copper products. Includes 13 algae prevention tips.
  • Ready To Open A Fish Farm? Advice from Univ FL Dept. Fisheries & Aqu. Sci. Dos and Don'ts
  • Ask The P.Boss. A. Help for measuring size of a pond. B. Should I stock c.catfish if wanting to raise big bgill & a roadkill maggot feeder described. C. New 5-6 ac pond, how soon can stock bgill? D. Best place to hunt RioGrande turkeys? E. Impact of ducks in 1.5-2 ac pond? F. German Guppy?, proper structure, feeding fish, drawdown, removing sm.bass described. G. Exploring a pond liner in Victoria Australia.
  • Customers Write. A. Water dyes pros cons described. B. Sonar, C. Aerator, D. Feeding fish worked.
  • Clearing Muddy Water. How one pond owner did it.
  • Double-Duty Ponds. Ponds for fishing and wildlife, methods described.
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March/April 2000