May/June 2000

  • Cover Story. From The Bottom UP. Pond basin impt for base of fishery.
  • LMB virus in the SE.
  • Giant Bulrush. Description & role in pond.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. IN pondowner describes fish harvest from 6 year old pond.
  • Ask The P.Boss. A. Bacterial additions pros & cons by K.Duffie & B.Lusk. B. Control for creeping water primrose. C. Competent pond consultant in GA? D. Create cost effective structure for bass & bgill. E. Growth rates of F1 bass. F. Advice abt hyb.crappie, attracting waterfowl & threadfin shad. G. Are shad and crayfish good to add to forage base?
  • Customers Write. A. AL pond teaches owner lessons. B. Advice for building sm.pond in seasonal creek. C.Survival rates of pellet raised bass.
  • Feds Hold Debate on Cormorants.
  • Building Bottom Cover on a Budget.
  • Anglers, pond owners warned of exotics.
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May/June 2000