July/August 2000

  • Cover Story. The Cure For Skinny Fish. Fish harvesting guidelines advice of the pros.
  • Dispelling the Myths. Tips from 'Raising Trophy Bass'.
  • Ask The PBoss. A. Redears control grubs in other fish. B. Structure for 2 ac pond & problems of hay bales. C. Disadvantages of Karmex. D. Cutrine-Plus, fertilization & aeration. E. Getting rid of tadpoles? F. Is my new pond in TN leaking?. G. Info. on drawdowns.
  • Customers Always Write. A. Bouquets from reader. B. Barbs for a cover photo. C. Poisonous snakes found in water hyacinth. D. Chart of sizes of baitfish that bass can swallow.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. How to's of building extra spawning beds for bass, bluegill.
  • Removing Unwanted Carp. Good hints.
  • Texas to Chase GA Bass Record. TX trying to grow bigger bass.
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July/August 2000