September/October 2000

  • Cover Story. ABC's of Forage (B.Lusk). All types of forage items for the sport fish pond. Dos&don'ts. Plus, Snack Food-Quick-fixes for bass to grow.
  • Short article about coppernose bgill.
  • Ask The P.Boss. A. Tips on fertilizing clear water. B. Killing grass & weeds prior to construction? C. Cutrine-Plus affects water bloom?
  • Customers Always Write. A. Bouquets from MI. B. Suggestion for improving PBoss.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Aerating Old Ponds Has Its Hazards. Beware of causing a fish kill.
  • New Man-made Product Attractive to Fish. Moderately priced Fish Attractor described.
  • Know Pond Life. Lotus. Description, pond role, control.
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September/October 2000