November/December 2000

  • Cover Story. Weed The Garden. Customsize fish harvest to fit your pond goals.
  • Harvest, Harvest, Harvest - A Success Story. excerpt from 'Raising Trophy Bass'.
  • Ask The PBoss. A. Add lime to change pH. B. Filamentous algae after fertilizing. C. How to deter blue heron. D. How to handle deeply hooked fish. E. Can siphon help lower water level?. F. Sonar for treating milfoil in IL. G. How much fertilizer to treat a round 3/4ac pond? H. Numbers of sunfish to stock per acre.
  • Customers Always Write. A. Golden shiners can help skinny bass. B. Large raptors deter cormorants. C. Benefits of aeration given.
  • Green Sunfish No Bargin in Pond.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Harvesting the Bluegill Crop & Successful ways to fish them.
  • Receipt - fish frying batter with crisp, zingy flavor.
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November/December 2000