March/April 2001

  • Cover Story. Straight Shooters. B.Lusk. Tips on choosing a fisheries professional.
  • Apples To Apples, Fish To Fish. Learn to buy stocker fish on value.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Taking Water and Fish Samples.
  • Customers Write. A. TX pond owner in hurry to wait. B. Advice about one ft thick layer of silt on pond bottom.
  • Pond Pros Police Their Own Ranks. Pro tips for managing and buying fish.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Will coppernose work in OK pond?. B. 8 ac Canadian pondowner seeks mgmt plan. C. Impact of 6 river otters on 10 ac lake. D. Define pond vs lake. E. Optimum pH & alkalinity. F. Will raising water level kill cattails?. G. Affect of drought & severe water loss on ponds. H. Advice for do-it-yourselfer electofishing.
  • Know Pond Life. Eurasian Water milfoil a Pond Nuisance. Description, pond role, tips on control.
  • Restoring A Pond With Aeration. 2nd in holistic mgmt. series. Importance & benefits of bottom aeration.
  • Fueling Your Forage. Four topics for stimulating the food fish.
  • Northern Ponds. Spring Checklist For The Upper Midwest. Five symptoms of a possible fish kill; fix the problems.
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March/April 2001