May/June 2001

  • Cover Story. Attitude Adjustment. SE Pond Mgmt Team. Old vs new mgmt philosophies explored.
  • Bass-Killing Virus Now Confirmed in 15 States.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Crappies a problem for KS pond. B. Advice for SMB in NC. C. Catfish hogging feed and advice on threadfins. D. Poor survival of stocked fingerlings & cover advice. E. Best fish weighing scale. F. Poor redear survival in OH. G. How tos for increasing crawdads/crawfish. H. Wormy fish in OK pond.
  • Customers Write. A. Subscription notes. B. Praise from TX HS teacher and a Dallas area wife.
  • Rules of Engagement. KDuffie. Ten tips for battling aquatic weeds.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Shad Not Always The Answer In Small Ponds.
  • Mats A Tool For Habitat, Food Chain. 3rd in holistic mgmt. series. Aquamats benefits and uses described.
  • Northern Pond Mgmt. Putting Spring In Your Pond's Step. Preparing a pond for spring.
  • Field Notes. Strategy Shift Saves Thousands Of Dollars. Grant Lk TX treatment for bushy pond weed. FL bass in Puerto Rico short lived.
  • Pond vs Lake by B.Smith. "If you own it, it's a pond. If it's mine, it's a lake".
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May/June 2001