July/August 2001

  • Cover Story. Startup Strategy. Pro tips on building a new pond. Part I.Planning.
  • Lawmakers Stand By Texas Pond Owners. TX reduces restrictions for ponds on private land.
  • Ask P.Boss. A. Is supplemental feeding useful to bass? B. Best plans for rebuilt pond. C. Why a fish kill after fertilizing?. D. Best things to plant on earthen dam. E. Grass carp control algae?. F. What is white growth along dorsal fins? G. Best fertilizer for 4 ac GA pond.
  • Pond To Plate. Robust Roux. Cajun vegetables & seafood.
  • Holistic pond mgmt series – 4th. The Role Of Beneficial Microbes. Affects of bacterial additions, what they do, how they work; differences among brands.
  • Northern Pond. Putting Life Back In An Old Pond. Bottom aeration benefits, components. Stocking strategy and fish records.
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July/August 2001