September/October 2001

  • Cover Story. New Studies Highlight Native Plants. Importance of aquatic plants, beneficial amounts, some good and bad types listed.
  • Stocking Your Own "Good Plants". M.MCune's hints and favorites.
  • Ask P.Boss. A. Leaky pond posed challenge. B. Are catfish good for a 3 ac minnow,bgill& bass pond? C. 1/4 ac OH pond with grassy pondweed problem. D. Weed help for pond in VA. E. 6 ac TX pond gets fertilization advice.
  • Article. Strategy For Up-And-Down Ponds. Effects of fluxuating water levels upon ponds are discussed.
  • Customers Write. A. MO pondowner seeks advice. B. Mom & Pop McDonald wonder where they went wrong w/ their favorite son.
  • Holistic pond mgmt 5th. Using The Proper Management Tools. Holistic pond mgmt tools are summarized to help with pond restoration.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Catfish A Challenge In Small Ponds.
  • Pros Give Tips On Customizing Your Pond. Pond builder gives tips for designing a pond and the surrounding area.
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September/October 2001