November/December 2001

  • Cover Story. Fish Genetics For Pondmeisters. Hope or hype?. B.Lusk's guidelines & valuable insight for genetics of the pond's fishery.
  • Stocking The Right Fish. Tips on testing the genetics of your fish.
  • Ask P.Boss. A. Will LMB eat catfish and rudd in France? B. Millweeed problem & leaky dam. C. Do underwater plants add or take out oxygen from the pond?
  • Searching High & Low. Spotlight on TX pond owner with two 20 ac lakes.
  • Customers Write. A. Pond challenges of south African. B. TN pond owner exposes hatchery offering free fish in newspaper ad. C. Praise for barley straw.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. A Small Pond In Your Neighborhood. Renovating a one ac FL pond.
  • Curing structureless Syndrome. Fish structure and underwater reef ideas from an AL pond owner.
  • Insert - Fertilizer Feeds Fish. J.Foster provides advice about pond fertilization.
  • P.Boss Profile. Webmaster Found He Missed Fishing. Website designer is profiled; visit him at
  • Pond to Plate. Skinny Spuds. Baked sliced & spiced potatoes.
  • Christmas Stocking Promo. Fly Rod Offer An Ideal Gift.
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November/December 2001