January/February 2002

  • Cover Story. Get The Angle On Algae. B. Lusk. Types of algae in ponds & basic treatment techniques.
  • Northern Pond. Algae Challenges Northern Pond Owners. Advice from pros up north.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Deep water protects threadfins in GA. B. Pond depth required for raising fish in TX. C. Over stocking hurts fish populations in GA pond. D. Electroshocking may help sample elusive fish. E. Is 2 ft alligator a problem? F. Amount of fish to stock with fertilization.
  • Fixing Leaky Ponds, Part I. Tracking The problem To Its Source.
  • Know Pond Life. Yellow Perch. Description, distribution, life cycle, niche in pond.
  • OK State offers pond workshop.
  • Feds Release inpact Statement on Cormorants.
  • PBoss Extends Rod Offer.
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January/February 2002