March/April 2002

  • Cover Story. Tasty Recipe For Big Fish. Basic Information on liming ponds.
  • Caring For Your Catch. Numerous ways of handling harvested fish.
  • Northern Pond. Zebra Mussel Threatens Northern Ponds. Hints for reducing spread. NOTE. These pests if introduced will live in all US waters.
  • Ask PBoss. A. What are proper pond water tests?. B. Are bullheads a problem in 20ac pond? C. Customers Write. Naturel Res. Conservation Service helped with building TX 5 ac pond. D. Readers praise.
  • Fixing Leaky Ponds, Part 2. Options Vary On Repairing Leaks.
  • Pond To Plate. Venison Roll-Ups.
  • Fishing By The Rules. Nine good fishing guidelines for Chandlers Landing Ponds.
  • In Review. 'Earth Ponds' & 'Earth Ponds Sourcebook' by T. Matson is reviewed.
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March/April 2002