May/June 2002

  • Cover Story. Selective Harvest. Pros offer advice on what fish to harvest & bag limits.
  • Article. Selective Harvest Ray Scott Style. B.A.S.S. master's tips for producing big bold bass.
  • Northern Pond. Threat Of Bass virus Spills Into MI.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Trout can feed trophy bass. B. Tips for managing coontail. C. Advice for MA trout pond. D. Specific tests for checking dark water. E. Two companies that sell water test kits. F. Proper clay content for a pond walls.
  • Readers Write. A. NY electroshocker. B. Readers praise.
  • Pond to Plate. Onion Is Magic On Fresh Fish.
  • Pond Life. Chain Pickerel Compete With Bass.
  • PBoss Special Report. Golden Algae Killing Fish In TX.
  • Managing Mini-Pond. Forage Species Should Be Stocked First.
  • B.Lusk's PBoss World Tour II. 9 Stops & highlights.
  • Editor Elected Pres. TX outdoor Writers.
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May/June 2002