July/August 2002

  • Cover Story. Bullish On Bluegill. Some basic facts about bgill in ponds. Insert- Maggot Box Feeder.
  • Colorado Climate, Elevation A Challenge. M.Mitchell's version of raising bgill in CO.
  • Room With A View - And Fishing. TX bed & breakfast with 8 ac fishing lake.
  • Northren Pond. Illinois Bluegill Bonanza. T.Nyberg's version of growing large bgill.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Locate a pond builder in NC or SC. B. Placing value on a pond or lake. C. Composting coontail? D. Pond size needed for growing bgill&bass. E. What are tiny red dots in AR pond? F. Electroshocker?
  • Customers Write. A. MS 3 ac pond produces 3 lb to 10 lb bass. B. 25 ac TX lake wants help to produce 10 lb bass.
  • Pond to Plate. Sundown summer ceviehe. Low fat TX-MX fish dish.
  • Pond Life. Warmouth Not Always Welcome. Description. life history, pond role.
  • Choosing The Best Pond Site. B.Lusk.
  • Livestock Out Clean Water In.
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July/August 2002