September/October 2002

  • Alien Fish-Eater. Snakeheads in FL & MA.
  • What Price Pond? Hints for building the correct pond and its cost.
  • Cover Story. Why Feed Your Fish? B.Lusk. Why feed and how to do it right.
  • Northern Pond. As Winter Nears, Cut back On Feed. R.Carlson's feeding advice.
  • Boosting Skinny Gamefish. Two hints for improving size of bass or trout.
  • Ask PBoss. A. Can grass carp prevent weeds?. B. Yellow cats in a pond? C. Liner w/ or w/out dirt for 0.5ac pond? D. Affect of turtles. E. Ideal pH?
  • Customers Write. A. IL 10 lb bass. B. 'Flatlanders' MS lake story.
  • Pond Boss Gets New Sister Publ. Wildlife Today.
  • Pond Life. Blue Heron A slow Predator. Description, life history, role in nature, field tip.
  • Swallows At Home on Indiana Pond. Benefit of tree and barn swallows.
  • Not-So-Welcome. Filter strips reduce nutrients from goose manure.
  • Pond to Plate. Grilled Quack-Quack.
  • Special Note. Divert Runoff to control Nutrient Loading.
  • Insert. J.Fosters advice of barley straw to control algae.
  • NY Fishing Classes To Resume. PETA over-ruled.
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September/October 2002