November/December 2002

  • Bass Bluegill & A Cabin. Lakes of Danbury featured.
  • Farm Bill 2002 Offers $10 Billion.
  • Giant 'Gator Released.
  • Cover Story. No Time To Rest. B.Lusk. Off season pond mgmt tips: aeration, habitat, size, mapping, fish behavior, drawdown, dirt work.
  • Ask PBoss. A. IN owner of 7 ac pond & hyb stripers. B. Seeking TX advice for enlarging pond and building new pond. C. Aquamats and walleye for stunted bgill? D. Advice for yellow grubs.
  • 2002 Semi-Official PBoss Reader Survey.
  • Too Much Of A Good Thing. Overcrowding can lead to fish kill.
  • Customers Write. A. Praise from IL, IA, IN, MO, WI, TX, FL.
  • Smallmouth Not Top Choice For Ponds. Description, life cycle, role in pond, field tips.
  • Northern Pond. There's Snow End to Opportunities. S.Trava, NY. Autumn pond mgnt: liming, drawndown, heave, ice-beaters, spawning beds, fence maintenance, trace minerals, training bgill, soil samples.
  • Pond To Plate. Italian Quickie Fish.
  • Just In Time For Christmas. Fly rod offer.
  • Scoreboard: Fish 3, Anglers 0. Fish injure fishermen.
  • Thin Bass A Challenge. Hints to fatten bass.
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November/December 2002