January/February 2003

  • LAND, WATER, BASS BLUEGILL AND A DREAM - T.Halter describes designing, building and stocking a 3 acre pond.
  • CURLY-LEAF PONDWEED GETS FAST START : Description, life history and pond tip.
  • POND OWNERS WARNED OF INVASIVE SPECIES. Tips on preventing introduction of invasive species.
  • Cover Story. WATER TEMPERATURES, NOT DATES, THE REAL KEY. by B.Lusk. Pond mgmt guidelines and things to do based on water temps during the year.
  • Ask The P.Boss. Ans to questions: A. Hints for transfering fish. B. Hints to get rid of herons. C. Protecting trees from beavers. D. Aeration & decaying duckweed. E. Contact in Va to fix leaky drain pipe. F. Food conversion vs fish sizes.
  • Customers Write. A. Calcium & gypsum worked to clear pond in VA., B. Fish kill described, C. PB praised, D. Great homemade pallet reef photos by R.Bowling.
  • A TENNESSEE HOME FOR FISH FOR WILDLIFE. TN woman describes building, stocking & landscaping a 2+ acre scenic wildlife pond.
  • LOOKING FOR TROUBLE BEFORE IT STARTS. What Pond Mgmt Activities Most Often Get Overlooked? Experts provide opinions.
  • MUSKRATS CAN BECOME A NUISANCE. 3 pages about muskrats and their control.
  • CORN, MILLET ATTRACT DEER, DUCKS. Veg. & food plot plantings around the pond for attracting wildlife.
  • Notice promoting TX pond mgmt workshop Mar. 28-29,03 in San Marcos.
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January/February 2003