May/June 2003

  • SELECTIVE VEGETATION CONTROL. by McDonald. Advice provided by M.Johnson, M.Mongin (SePro) & K.Duffie.
  • PURPLE MARTINS AND PONDS. S. Wyman. Basics of P.Martin colonies. Short article. Martin found in Bass Stomach.
  • ASK POND BOSS. A. Role of bullheads (mudcats) in ponds. B. Can a dam be raised? C. Basic stocking for a 5 ac near Dallas. D. Aeration for a large lake in MS.
  • CONSTRUCTION CORNER. Planning Your Plan. M.Otto. How to begin designing a pond or lake.
  • CALLING ALL CATFISH. B.LUSK. Channel cats better in ponds than blue cats.
  • STOCKING ADULT BASS. S.O'Gorman. How to's, rationale & advice for stocking adult bass.
  • CUSTOMERS WRITE. Proper liner material for ponds.
  • POND OWNER FACES DECISIONS. B.Lusk. F.Shelton has to decide about thinning trees over 1,600 ac.
  • POND BITS. A. Pond, deer, ranch seminar. B. Smart beavers in NJ. C. Nutria bounty in LA.
  • PIR CABIN ON MOONSHINE LAKE. N. Cody. Design and construction of a 30 ac lake & metal frame cabin w/ solar and wind power in Centrahoma OK.
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May/June 2003