September/October 2003

  • COVER STORY. BALANCING ACT. Stocking strategies to create fish populations in harmony by B.Lusk. Bob uses two examples of how a proper fish stocking can go askew.
  • DECISION TIME: Choose Spray Aeration Or Diffuser?
  • KEEPING THE FUN IN POND CONSTRUCTION. by M.Otto. How to start moving dirt once the planning stage is done.
  • ASK PBoss. A. Too much algae moss in OK pond. B. Leaky OK pond. C. Why not crappie in a 3/4 ac TX pond?. D. TN bass hard to catch. E. Do bullrushes have a benefit in CO pond?
  • BUILD A BASIC FISH FEEDER. by D.Reed. Dave describes how to build a PVC tube feeder.
  • TREES ADD AESTHETICS, FUNCTION. S.Wyman. 1st of series. The benefits provided by trees around your pond.
  • MICHIGAN AGENCY IS ON THE CASE. A very clever letter regarding beavers and state laws preventing the damming of a stream.
  • CUSTOMERS WRITE. IL pond owner stocks fingerlings.
  • TROPHY BASS REQUIRE EXTRA PREY, 2nd in series. by N.Latona Jr. Norm discusses food needed by trophy bass.
  • HOW DOES YOUR WATER WORK? Universal solvent is the basis of your pond. Bob talks about some of the basic features of water in your pond.
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September/October 2003