Vegetarian hunters, pronghorns, mountain lions and the Wild Film Tour

Growing up near Amarillo, Texas, Ben Masters grew up fishing and hunting with his dad. It’s where he was first introduced to the outdoors and quickly developed a passion for being outside.

Some of you may have heard of Masters from his film Unbranded, a documentary that follows four friends through their 3,000 mile ride from Mexico to Canada to inspire Wild Horse Adoptions.

About the Wild Film Tour

Since that epic adventure, naturally Masters has become restless and decided to embark on a few other projects, some of which he is showcasing as a part of the first-ever Wild Film Tour. Stopping in 11 cities across Texas, each tour stop will show a selection of short films as well as include Q&A sessions with film makers, characters and subject matter experts.

The films screened at this event are focused on shedding light onto some important findings in wildlife research. Masters’ mission is bringing conservation work and research to life through film. “I wanted to help make these learnings public in an entertaining and digestible way…and in a way that matters to people,” said Masters.

He also wants to highlight the skills of a little-known profession. “I think that when it comes to land and ranch management, people don’t realize the benefits of utilizing the skills and knowledge of land and ranch managers,” he said. “It’s a lot more complex than people realize and these professionals can really help them achieve their management goals.”

Featured Films

Below are some highlights of a few of the films that event goers may see at their city’s screening and lecture vent. Not all films will be screened at each event as Masters and his team want to localize the perspective and conversation at each tour stop.

Pronghorn Revival: A short film about the logistics and considerations connected with reintroducing this species to Texas.

Vegetarian ecologist from Berkley: Follow the journey a vegetarian scientist willingly takes as he studies the large role that hunters have in conservation. Want to know if the scientist ate the deer he helped hunt? Come to an event to find out.

Living Waters Project: Learn about water management techniques employed in our rivers and bays to ensure the health of these Texas waters as well as water rights and how they work.

Get Tickets

You can purchase tickets to an event on their website and like the Wild Film Tour on Facebook to get updates on this project. Get your tickets now and be sure to stick around for the after party where you can mingle with attendees and the teams behind the Wild Film Tour.

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