Meet Dr. Michael Masser

 This series highlights speakers coming to the Pond Boss VII Conference & Expo. Speakers will present on a variety of topics, from aeration to wildlife management, as it relates to pond management and growing bigger fish. Learn more about the Pond Boss Conference here.



Michael P. Masser Ph.D. is a Professor and Head of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University.  He received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in 1986 and was an Extension educator for 26 years at three Land Grant Universities (KY State, Auburn, and TAMU).  He has authored over 170 publications and presented over 300 national and international talks on aquaculture, private impoundment management, and aquatic vegetation management.  He has participated in international conferences in eleven counties.  He was Principal Investigator of the internationally recognized Southern Regional Aquaculture Center Publication Project 1998-2013 (  He has led scientific societies, as President the Alabama Chapter of AFS, United States Aquaculture Society, World Aquaculture Society, and Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society.  He has a passion for fishing and managing private waters.  


Listen to Dr. Masser during the following sessions:

Wade In: A Deeper Look at Managing Your Waters-  History of Trophy Bass Management: from then, until now, growing giant bass.

The Underwater Salad Bar- Methods of Adjusting your Aquatic Plants: Identification, methods, and healthy protocol of managing your underwater salad bar.

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