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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I find it on pondboss.com?
  • For pond management questions, you've come to the right place. Here are several options:

    • Visit the Pond Boss Ask the Boss Forum, the nations leading discussion forum on pond management. Browse topics or register and post your question... you're guaranteed to get responses from pond professionals and pond owners who have been there, done that. Click on the Ask the Boss Forum icon on the right side bar or select the "Ask the Boss Forum" tab above.
    • Send your question via email to info@pondboss.com. We'll answer your question promptly or refer you to someone who can.
    • Peruse our FREE Articles. Click on the "Free Articles" tab above. Chances are, you'll find an article on the topic at hand.
    • Examine Back Issues of Pond Boss magazine. Click on the Pond Boss Magazine tab above, select the "Back Issues" menu option. if you find an issue that addresses your question, order online or call us at 800-687-6075 and we'll get that issue on its way to you.
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