Editor's Letter- January/February 2023

 Editor’s Letter 

2023—Are We Settlers? 


When a new year starts, seems we all want to turn some page, looking for the next one. I’m no different. I look at 2023 and chuckle a little bit. It’s an odd number, don’t you think? What makes it significant? As I ponder that rhetorical question, it strikes me-I graduated high school fifty years ago! 5-0 years ago. That doesn’t seem right. 

Some of you are rolling your eyes at that statement. Others see it as “what’s it like?” 

It’s already been three years since the pandemic started. Our world changed in an instant. We are all affected by that…to this day. 

In my consulting business I saw a rapid shift by those who could. People fortunate enough to have a weekend place in the country headed there, escaping deserted, locked-down cities where people didn’t make eye contact, where trips to the store were strategic.  

People settled into a completely different mindset and way of life. That carries on today. When I go to the grocery store (I love going to the store), I’m dodging way too many personal shoppers pushing these big carts, staring at a phone, grabbing stuff off shelves for virtual shoppers. 

Our world changed then, as it changed after September 11, 2001. 

For these reasons, I see change in 2023. Change, in the form of being re-defined, figuring out how we thrive. One of my favorite things about this melting-pot we call the U.S.A. and its mix of cultures is that we figure out how to get past those things striving to hold us down. 

Let’s do 2023. 

Sure, this is a small niche publication. But it’s important to all of us to learn and strive and be better at what we do. Pond Boss is about helping you become better stewards of your ponds and lakes and land.  

Let’s grow into 2023 and not only enjoy the ride, but create our own rides. 

The journey will be a good one. 

Bring a map! 

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