Editor's Letter- March/April 2022

Editor’s Letter

Bring Spring


Mia culpa…. we’re late with this issue, but you see that. Can’t totally blame this one on the USPS. Took me longer than it should have. My apologies. That’s the bad news. The good news? You’ll get the May-June issue on the heels of this one, within a few days of it, on time, if the USPS does their part.

We love spring. Trees are budding, grass is growing, fish are spawning, feeding, and becoming more visible. Renewal is refreshing.

Our new book, “Beyond the Basics—Fundamentals of Pond Management” is coming off the presses soon as well.

Pond Boss continues to morph as well. In days gone by, we were a magazine. While these pages pay the bills, we continue to use valuable content as we expand our footprint. Now, Pond Boss is a magazine, 7 conferences in the book (we are looking at doing VIII, once clear of Covid restrictions), our website chock full of content, Ask the Boss forum, YouTube channel and our social media content. Add the Institute of Higher Pondology at pondboss.teachable.com and there’s lots of solid information to help make you the best pondmeisters ever.

We’re so glad you are a valuable part of the Pond Boss extended family—and team. Please enjoy this issue, as late as it is. Personally, the feature story about habitat is probably one of the most important articles I’ve written. I feel strongly about that.

Yes, we’ve got all the regular stuff as well as our big features.

Thanks for being our faithful subscribers. 

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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