Editor's Letter- May/June 2024


Editor’s Letter

Full Bloom Ahead


Did you get to see any part of the eclipse back in April? The queen and I were blessed to see totality off our backyard, straight above our stretch of the Brazos River. It made a lump rise in my throat for those two short minutes, giving me an even deeper appreciation for our Mother Nature. Seeing such sights helps keep me grounded in faith, with a growing understanding of the organization of nature’s laws. The picture becomes clearer and clearer of nature’s processes, cleansing of unclean water, the consequences of too much of a good thing, or not enough of needed things.

I know, that’s not making much sense, but when you read several of these articles in this issue, you’ll see more of what I’m talking about. Especially read the feature story about the lake overgrown with plants and the consequences of that. As you go through this issue of Pond Boss, look at it collectively, not only each article, but how the different concepts tie together.

That’s when you’ll see things from a greater height…say 30,000 feet.

We’ve got the beginning of a multi-part series about DIY lake building. Dig into that one. Pond Boss subscriber offers a different take on bluegills. Not just any bluegills, mind you…you’ll see. Beasley dips deeper into the principles of growing giant fish, Wes Neal pulls a rabbit out of an unkempt hat of a pond, and Dan VanSchaik put perspectives on food plots for wildlife. You might be a bit surprised by that one.

Thank you for being an important part of our big Pond Boss family…and thanks for sharing your lives and times with us. Speaking of that, I’m always interested in different perspectives and experiences. If you’ve got something pretty cool…or even not so cool, drop me a note and we’ll see if there’s a story there to share with our adoring public.

Seriously, I’m always looking for fun, innovative, creative pond stuff.

Happy summer to all of us!

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