Editor's Letter- March/April 2023

 Editor’s Letter 

Marching Toward Spring 


Happy March! There are lots of favorites about this time of year. Nature awakens from its winter slumber. Days grow longer, trees bud, flowers pop up, seemingly overnight, and bloom our heart’s content. 

Our ponds are waking, too. Before long, you’ll see fish moving shallow, preparing for their spawning ritual. Tree buds swell with pride, then burst with freshness.  

While we consider New Year as a start, we see spring as a beginning. New life, new growth, all of it fresh and seemingly unencumbered by what lies ahead. 

What, exactly, lies ahead, you might ask? 

For us, we hope it’s a less-bumpy road, bigger fish, a beautiful pond, healthy family, and even some fine wine. Or, maybe it’s a reach—reaching out to help each other. Maybe help ourselves along the way. Becoming better, learning more, elevating our stewardship towards our land and water.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m as thirsty for knowledge now, at 67, almost 68, than I’ve ever been. I’m also thirsty to share my knowledge with those of you whose taste buds want it. 

Each issue, I sit down, scratch my head and start trying to figure out what to include in the next one. One dominant thought seems always to take precedence. “What can we publish that will help every reader right now? What can we provide for you that will be timely and helpful for this particular season?”  

Then, the writers and I go to work. LeighAnn tackles the advertising, puts together the Resource Guide included with this issue and the Rob Hudgins lays it out attractively. Between all on our team, our quest is to provide you the best information out there and do it in a fun way. 

Please, enjoy your spring, breathe in some fresh air, smell those flowers and enjoy this issue of Pond Boss. We’re happy to present it to you. 

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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