Editor's letter- May/June 2020

 What an astonishing Spring 2020! The entire world has been slammed. I totally believe in my heart that what's about to happen in this country will be truly amazing. When we are so rapidly dumped out of our comfort zones, safety nets, jobs, and income, and all we have is each other, we can set aside the last three years of a divided country, hate, anger, impeachment talk and all that negative partisanship, and begin to depend on each other and our faith. Where there's faith, there's hope. As we all dig deeper into what it takes to survive, we realize just how important our relationships are. I believe it will be hard for a few more weeks, and then things will settle down and we will all become accustomed to a new normal—or abnormal, depending on how each of us absorbs change. Looking at the entrepreneurial nature of America, how creatively and quickly people have shifted into helping each other, it literally bolsters hope that overcomes our fear of not knowing what might happen and not being in control. When our freedom is temporarily interrupted, we have no choice but to look change straight in the face. I absolutely believe things will work out, especially if our expectations are focused on each other, within ourselves, and on what it takes to get by as this virus sorts us out. And, yes, prayer helps a lot to keep our focus on the ultimate prize.

We have some news for you.

Team Pond Boss is thrilled as we get ready to pull the curtains back and reveal our brand-new magazine facelift next issue. Layout Guru Rob Hudgins had the idea last year to refresh, remodel, and revamp Pond Boss and you’ll see it in the July-August issue of the magazine. We truly showcase his talents and experience as a graphic artist and design professional. We’re not changing any content, but have organized the flow and freshened the look. Rob wanted to give better organization to the Features, Departments, and Columns. Heck, I’m a fish guy. Never thought of it like that. Rob did. We love his ideas and truly do appreciate how he’s as passionate as we are to get the best of the best information out there for you, our readers. Next issue!

Until then, as we prepare to withdraw from sheltering in place and social distancing, and go do our part to help rebuild our fractured economy, our favorite magazine has its usual fare of timely information.

I’ve been asked about nanobubble technology several times over the last few months. I thought that was something Mork said to Mindy back in the day, but finally did some research. Actually, truth be known, I was led to learning about it. A representative from Moleaer Company called the office to ask about buying an ad. Believe it or not, I suggested they not advertise until more is known about how this technology affects our ponds. I truly believe this technology could revolutionize how some people manage their ponds, but we need to know more. Read a primer in these pages. Dave Beasley digs into the commitment it really takes to grow trophy fish. Otto sets us straight on picking pipes, especially for a bigger project. Brian Hoffman got some nice kudos for his first story about solar power around ponds, and here’s his second in a line of several. Good, practical stuff. Looking for a novel forage fish, or maybe a fun project to grow some gourmet food? Try freshwater prawns, especially if you have a small pond. How to know what forage fish to stock? Learn the differences here in these pages. Dr. Wes Neal wrote a great story, one that will make you chuckle, I promise. We can’t go far into May without writing about aquatic plants. It’s the season. Michael Gray shares are real world story about what looks like an ongoing project they’ve helped with for years, and he tosses in a plug for the client. Thinking about stocking crawfish, since it’s crawfish season? Here are some tips. Kids Korner teaches kids of all ages just why exotic species are called exotic species. Dr. Boyd shares some science about plankton die offs, I dug into the forum and found a thread about sourcing vendors, and especially for our northern pondmeisters, now is the time to manage your pond for ice fishing during the cold months. Dan V talks about managing wildlife and livestock and how they crossover—or they don’t. Eric West found some science about feeding fish and Mark Cornwell talks about diversity from a pond perspective, so to speak. Add a great Marinara recipe from Buck and Mary Lainhart and you’ve got the makings for a mighty fine read, plus a great recipe to top your grilled, baked, sautéed, or oven cooked fish, or pasta, or poured in a bowl for a dip.

So, while you’re sequestered, hunkered down, sheltering in place, socially distant, or like us, having cocktail parties via Zoom, let’s toast to the nation’s rebuilding as we pause for some words of refreshment.

Thanks for being a part of our great family of pondmeisters. Drop me a note, let us know how you are faring. We truly do care. boblusk@outlook.com


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