Editor's letter- May/June 2022


And Spring Becomes Summer


Greetings, Pond Boss faithful! Lots of news to share. As I write this, in mid-April, we’ve watched the trees here at Lusk Landing, 3 explode with spring greenery. There are two huge cottonwood trees in view from the screened-in porch covered in fresh, vibrant green leaves. Peering beneath their newly full canopies is the Brazos River. Right now, it’s mostly gravel bars and beaches, with a gentle flow rate, safe to wade and enjoy.

In my new book, “Beyond the Basics—Fundamentals of Pond Management”, I tell the backstory, the significance of this river to my life and career. The book is in the house, on the Pond Boss online story, and ready for those wanting to dig deeper into how I view the fundamentals of how to manage your ponds and lakes. This book delves further than just blocking and tackling…or how to dribble, pass, and shoot. Sure, it has that, but it also delves into strategies, thought processes, and some real-world stories to help you mold your waters into what your mind sees in front of you.

Also, we’ve had quite a few folks interested in another hands-on Institute of Higher Pondology, so we’ve scheduled the next one for October this year. See the ad in this issue.

As we enjoy the bounty of our waters, and nudge them to produce more and better this year, use the articles in this issue to help guide you. It’s our season for growth, new lives under water as we enjoy the serenity and peace a pond offers.

Especially enjoy the new greenery that now surrounds us.

That’s a big part of spring and early summer.

Some of us are in drought, others are facing fast moving squalls and big winds, others are doing what we do every single day of the week.

I’m just glad we can do it together, and come together in these pages.

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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