Editor's Letter- May/June 2023

Editor’s Letter

May Flowers
Lots of things happening with your ponds right now. Fish are mostly finished spawning; you should be able to see this year’s babies—before most of them are eaten by their bigger brethren. Baby bass, fluttering around in big schools, being picked off by bigger predators. Tiny bluegills, darting around the shallows, looking for food and cover. You’ll see plants appearing in the deeper shallow water, fighting for their right to compete. Water color shifts this time of year as the temperature rises and microscopic plants and animals do what they do, if given the chance.
Meadows are thriving…if you have enough water. Wildflowers are beginning to ebb, after some beautiful colors this spring. Trees are leafed, nourishing the plant. Speaking of trees, we have a couple of majestic Live Oaks in our back yard, where we can enjoy their shade as we look beyond to the Brazos River.
Peace comes with nature, if we allow it.
I have to overlook having to clean up under these trees almost daily. Had no idea Live Oak trees gave so much of themselves. Last summer, it was aborted acorns falling on the patio. Then full-term acorns, more than six buckets full, fell over a six-week period in the fall. Then, it took most of a month to shed leaves, then catkins and pollen, and little b-b’s all over the ground, parts of the pollen thingy. 
What’s that got to do with our ponds and lakes? Nothing. It’s just you and I appreciating nature’s resilience, it’s ability to thrive and grow and go through its cycles.
Your ponds and lakes are doing that, right now. Going through their cycles, growing and expanding. Our job, as pondmeisters, is to guide and direct that traffic. The more we know, the better we can drive the process.
Stewardship…that’s what we do. That’s what you do.
Here, at Pond Boss World Headquarters, it’s an honor to assist your learning curve.
This issue is loaded with good stuff…nuggets for you to make things better.

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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