Editor's letter- November/December 2020


2020. What a year! Time to escort that whimpering time-lapse of life to the curb. Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. Let’s get at it. I hear a honking flock of geese flying over, right now. During an early morning walk around the property here at LL,2, I saw a green heron hunkered by the shore of the old pond, two great blue herons fishing for bluegills on opposite sides of the property, heard a wood duck and caught a quick glimpse as it glided west to east, and watched a chirping kingfisher land on our zip line. Crows are feasting on our pecans, and leaves are just beginning to change color. These wild birds think all is normal. For them, it is.

 We won’t be hearing and seeing these sounds and watching seasons change at LL,2 much longer. Debbie and I talked and decided to put our beautiful place up for sale. It’s time. We hope a wonderful family who wants to escape harsh rigors and new liabilities of the city will buy it and homestead here. Grow much of their food in the ponds and raised bed gardens. Gather eggs from the chickens. Enjoy the fantastic home and its outdoor spaces, lawns, and cabin, and the ponds. Debbie and I have been living in the cabin, a warm, welcoming space, so the house is ready for showing at a moment’s notice.

Yes, we are healthy and happy. Several people have called and asked that question. It’s just time to sell and downsize. The market is right, and our mindset is, too.

Where will we go? We’re sniffing around Granbury, Texas, at the moment. I have a backstory in that area. And, I have a neat idea. When it’s time to share that idea, you’ll hear about it in these pages.

We’ll miss this place, but every book has its chapters and this one is about to end, and new one written. That fact, right there, makes it exciting.

 Enough about us.

As a lake consultant, I’m seeing intriguing trends. More people investing in rural properties, planning family futures. Families see an urgent need to get their kids outdoors and away from the newest risks of the city. Viruses, civil unrest, limited social interactions, fewer restaurants, face masks, and lives anything-but-normal have made people take a deeper look at lifestyles.

Thanks for being such an important part of our Pond Boss extended family, especially now, as we hold proverbial hands, move past elections and toward holidays and a new year.

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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