Editor's Letter- November/December 2022

 Editor’s Letter 

Color Us a Cool Shade of Fall


Happy Fall! After a weirder-than-normal summer across the nation, sounds like many of us welcome these crisp fall days. 2022 will go into history with lots of pondmeisters scratching their heads how to adjust their management strategies. I get a sense from questions people ask me as I travel the nation. “How do I take care of my fish when half my pond has evaporated during this drought?” Here’s another common one, “I’ve lost some fish in this hot water…what do I do to keep the rest alive and healthy?” And, another, “I think I’ve got blue-green algae. What to do?” 

Some of those issues will subside as water temperatures drop and our ponds head toward their own winter solstice and a few months rest. 

And in these pages, you’ll read about some of these topics as we prepare for the holidays and start thinking about our pond management strategies for 2023. In this issue, we have stories about blue-green algae, shade for wildlife, the ebb and flow of the food chain in a trophy bass lake, and several other nuggets of information to help you become better stewards of your waterways. 

2022 was also the year we lost an iconic American and dear friend of mine, Ray Scott. Ray founded B.A.S.S. which started the bass fishing industry. He paved the way for businesses as BassPro Shops, Triton boats, Ranger boats and countless others that have grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. I spent lots of time with Ray and miss him. He was truly a character and influencer before the term “influencer” was cool. Heck, if Ray hadn’t done what he did, yours truly would have probably had a career in Real Estate or something totally different, because the demand for bass lakes might not have existed. 

There’s a tribute to Ray in these pages. 

The Pond Boss team hopes you enjoy time with family and friends during this holiday season and we thank you for being a part of our extended family. Sincere blessings to all. 

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