Editor's letter- September/October 2020

If you’re like most folks, we’re ready to say “adios” to 2020. While it’s not so hard to be discouraged, it’s pretty easy to look ahead. Seems we all have to embrace change, which is a good thing, but when it happens to so many people all at once? There are some fascinating trends out there in this new world. I spoke with one of the higher-ups at BassPro Shops a few weeks ago. I could hear him shaking his head over the phone. “Our second quarter looks like it will rival the last five 4th-quarters.” In this time, when so many businesses are fluttering or shuttering, BassPro Shops had a better second quarter than the last five Christmases? He said sales of boats, kayaks, camping equipment, terminal fishing tackle—and guns—have flown off the shelves. I’ve read where RV and camping equipment, jet skis, and side by sides are gone. Personally, I’ve seen trends as well. My phone has lit up all spring and summer with folks who want to improve their ponds or build new ones. Digging into their thought processes, a high percentage of them have a home in the city and a weekend place. They’ve figured out how to work from home and have been sheltering in place at their recreational property. They’ve escaped the risks of the city for the safety of rural America. They’re growing some of their own food, learning about wildlife, steepening their learning curves about the land and the water that resides on it. Families have drawn closer together. While we watch the news and see parts of society implode, those who can avoid it, are. Long distance compassion is shown for those who perform essential jobs and tasks, and deep compassion is shown for those who have been afflicted. At the same time, the disgusting part, politics and anarchy, seem to dominate the airwaves between Covid-19 reports. Somewhere out there, the truth resides. We just haven’t seen these truths, yet. So, people wear masks, keep their distance, and share some disdain. But, lots of people are doing it from somewhere safe, because they can. Thanks for being an important part of this Pond Boss family. We’re onto something special as stewards of our land and water. 

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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