Editor's Letter- September/October 2022

Editor's Letter- September/October 2022

There's a Theme

Confession. I don’t have an advanced editorial calendar like other magazines. Never have. When time to put this fun collection together, my primary mission is producing timely information for that season. I don’t think months in advance. When I sit, start editing and writing, the mission is to gather nuggets for you to be better stewards, offer insight, ideas, concepts, and experiences to help with land and water. That’s what our writers do.  

Inevitably, it seems, every issue ends up with an unplanned theme. This issue, the theme is to understand and do what we can to manage stressors. Stressors to water, fish, and ecosystems. Maybe it’s because many of us are on the heels of another record-searing, exhausting summer heat wave and drought. Or, maybe because stressors are a limiting factor to growing some truly huge fish.  

Maybe it’s just a naturally stressful time and we’re feeling it, especially with runaway inflation, supply chain issues, and struggles of an evolving workforce. 

Regardless, passion reflected in the following pages make us think differently about those sparkling pond diamonds we love. Our ponds are supposed to be a source of joy, serenity, peace, and even some excitement. They are places of reflection, literally. 

This summer, the Queen and I spent time with two of our kids and their five little ones. We rented a cabin for a long weekend and played with the littles. Rented a big pontoon boat with a pull-behind float. With each kidlet, PFD strapped tight, we took a Monday cruise around the lake. One of those littles, Sawyer Melton, all of four years old, held on to the side rail, staring downward, mesmerized by water. I watched him stare at the water, fascinated by the color, texture, the front part of the boat’s wake. His countenance was one of awe, as much as a four-year old can absorb. 

For moments that day, on that lake, stressors disappeared, kids laughed and enjoyed bouncing around, swimming, and hanging out with family. 

Water seems to have a magical way of managing stress.  

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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