Editor's Letter- September/October 2023


Where do you stand on “global warming”? Personally, over a 43-year career as a private sector fisheries biologist, I can tell you there are changes in climate. I remember as a kid, never seeing cattle egrets in north Texas. Didn’t see Whitewing doves north of San Antonio, either.

Species have migrated beyond their “normal” areas since the 1960’s. I’ve seen it. Species of oak trees now grow in upstate New York in areas they couldn’t survive 40-50 years ago.

If we believe the national news media (which we don’t), they preach doom and only show whatever fits their less-than-hidden agenda.

But as a scientist and one who studies nature intently, I’m here to tell you that nature is resilient. I see those species growing in areas today where they didn’t a few decades ago as a response. I see it as a response to what is offered. Species thrive where they have the essentials they need.

People can blame misguided humanity for climate circumstances, extinctions, and things such as these giant tragic wildfires. Humanity is certainly affected, no doubt. My stance is that nature will do what nature does based on what it’s offered. Species are a consequence of those offerings.

I challenge you to think about that and how it affects you, your property, and your ponds and lakes. We are coming off an extremely hot summer. Your ponds are likely showing the effects of prolonged heat.

As we work together to manage and enjoy our waters, keep in mind that we are stewards and part of our joy is doing what we can to take care of them.

Like each issue of Pond Boss, we try to cover some of these issues seasonally, so we can all learn and strive to be the best we can be as we are charged to take care of what we have.

While many of us wipe the sweat from our brow, ready for this summer to say, “Adios”, we can rest in knowing we’ve got a fall full of fun just in front of the headlights.



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