Editor's Letter Jan/Feb 2024


Editor’s Letter

Missing Deadlines and Happy New Year!


Well…call me embarrassed. When I was learning how to write, editors pounded into my brain to meet their deadlines. Being an editor myself, deadlines are not too flexible.

I should have been fired for missing the deadline to get Pond Boss out on time this issue. Therein lies the conundrum. I own it, so I’ll have to fire myself. Then, what?

So, hat in hand, I think a heartfelt apology is in order. I apologize. So, this issue is late, but the next one will be on time, meaning you’ll get back-to-back magazines! Yippee!

Now that we’re past that, the Pond Boss team is excited to look into 2024 with optimism.

This issue is loaded with some outstanding, practical information. Be sure to read the Lemonade story. This could happen to anyone. But this landowner was alert, on his toes and made good choices—because he had good information. Check out the Thoroughbred Horse Ranch Bass Lake story. There are so many intriguing things happening with the way Mark Corser makes his decisions.

As fate has it, Otto and Gray, separately and unknowingly, both wrote about leaky ponds, each bringing a totally different perspective. You’ll enjoy both of those stories. Leaky ponds may be the most asked question we get at world headquarters…as it is for both of the authors in the business of building lakes and ponds.

There’s a practical story how to use our spreadsheet to track your fish growth and body conditions. It’s the same tool many professional biologists use.

Learn about wild turkeys, alkalinity, and woodpeckers. What a combination!

Don’t make your exit without reading Wes Neal’s article about fishing. Very intriguing and totally down to earth.

I personally want to thank you for being a part of our extended Pond Boss family and hope you are looking forward to 2024 as much as we are!

A series dedicated to Bob Lusk's general musings about land, water and life.

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